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Coffee vs Espresso: They’re Both Winners!

For some, a tiny cup of strong espresso is the only true coffee, while others think it’s a bitter waste of perfectly good beans.

Whichever you prefer, it’s always good to get our of your comfort zone and try something new!
To get you started, here’s a quick guide on what exactly is the difference between the two.
What Is Espresso, Anyway?

Let’s start with basic definitions. Espresso is a method of preparing a cup of coffee that is tiny in size and violently strong in flavour.

The key distinction comes from how it is brewed.

Espresso is brewed by pushing hot water through the coffee grounds at an extremely high pressure and speed. This is why a special machine is required to make an espresso.
To recap, espresso is an Italian-style coffee brewed with high pressure and speed. You need an evenly fine grind size and a special machine to make a good espresso.
In comparison, other types of coffee are usually made by slowly filtering water through coffee grounds.

While you may see the word “…

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