Most popular coffee drinks in the United States

Whether you like your dark or light coffee, these are some of the most popular coffee drinks in the United States. You can enjoy these popular drinks at home or at your local coffee shop.


Americano is on a list of the best coffee drinks in the United States. This coffee drink got its name because it is made of espresso diluted with water. This drink is especially popular in the Seattle area, where they love espresso. If you want the smoothie provided by espresso, try Americano. It is a success because it is closer than what Americans do at home.

Cafe Breva

The theory is that the mixture gives it a richer and creamier flavor. You should keep in mind, before trying this for yourself, that half and half are much harder to foam. It is not something you want to drink every day since it is very sweet. It is a pleasure to return home after a long day at work.

Café au Lait (Coffee with milk)

If you like coffee with milk, then you will like Café au Lait. Café au lait is java with warm milk added. It is a strong coffee that mixes with warm milk. However, it is not as strong as espresso or American. This relatively simple and easy-to-prepare drink is delicious to enjoy on a cold winter day.


The cappuccino is basically an espresso mixed with steamed milk and milk foam. To make this drink, you must have equal amounts of espresso, milk froth and steamed milk. If you want a stronger drink that is also creamy, then there is a cappuccino in your alley. Frappuccino, which is basically an icy cappuccino, is popular in San Antonio, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Californians especially love their cappuccino.


Coffee with milk is similar to cappuccino and macchiato. This coffee drink consists of espresso, milk foam and steamed milk. But there is less milk froth on the top. You can order this in the cafeteria or do it at home in an espresso machine. If you don't want too much cream, you can mix it with almonds or soy milk. Coffee with milk is especially popular among coffee drinkers in Charlotte, San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis, and Denver.


Macchiato is another name for spotted milk. It got its name because it looks like stained milk when mixed with espresso. The Macchiato is a success among coffee shops and coffee shops across the United States. Caramel ice cream macchiato is a hit in Phoenix, AZ. It is different from espresso, in which steam milk first enters, then espresso and milk froth. It has a beautiful layered effect, so macchiatos are often seen in tall glasses.


Chocolate lovers rejoice. This coffee drink is for you. While mocha is like drinking cappuccino, except that steamed milk is replaced with hot chocolate. Some coffees will add hot chocolate directly to this drink, while others will simply add chocolate syrup.

This completes the list of some of the most popular coffee drinks in the United States.


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